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Friday 26th July 2019, 11:10 Hong Kong

Sustainable solution to ship avocados

US based distribution company announces new packaging solution

Sustainable solution to ship avocados

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Grower-shipper GreenFruit Avocados has developed a new sustainable packaging option that aims to reduce waste and support small business.

The 24-count, one-layer outer carton is shipped and received containing 12 smaller boxes inside, each containing two count-48 avocados.

GreenFruit says the materials are 100 per cent recyclable and represent a more sustainable solution, compared to plastic. The packaging offers better protection in transit and storage and helps reduce shrink in fruit, promoting a longer shelf life.

GreenFruit’s business development director, Dan Acevedo, said the company has been working on a solution for over 12 months.

“We’ve tested these boxes for the past year with a customer in New York and have seen excellent results with product quality, distribution versatility and the efficiency of the design” said Acevedo.

“We’re excited to offer them now to all of our customers—foodservice and retail, branded or privately labelled."

The boxes provide ventilation and protection during shipping, as well as a handy stage-of-ripeness guide. The SKU on each 2-count box promotes traceability within the foodservice industry as product changes hands, because each box is related to its master container.

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