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Wednesday 2nd December 2020, 13:23 Hong Kong

Dada and Lianhua Supermarket expand ties

Lianhua Supermarket hopes to enhance its online presence with help from Dada Group

Dada  and Lianhua Supermarket expand ties

(l-r) Philip Kuai, founder, chairman and chief executive of Dada Group and Tao Xu, general manager of Lianhua Supermarket

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Dada Group and chain retail operator Lianhua Supermarket have announced the expansion of their strategic partnership, with a focus on omni-channel fulfillment, product management and marketing.

Lianhua Supermarket and its subsidiaries run more than 3,400 hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores across China and has been cooperating with China’s leading on-demand delivery and retail platform for five years.

It is hoped that through the implementation of a “retail plus logistics” mode, Dada can help Lianhua Supermarket improve efficiency and revenue, and work together to deliver quality products to consumers’ homes within just one hour.

Tao Xu, general manager of Lianhua Supermarket, said Dada had been and will continue to be a key partner for the company.

 “JDDJ (the on-demand retail platform of Dada Group) has always been a key partner of Lianhua Supermarket in the field of retail digitalisation and transformation. The expanded partnership with Dada Group is an important move for Lianhua Supermarket to further enhance its online business,” said Xu.

“Through the cooperation, Lianhua Supermarket will vigorously expand online channels and accelerate online and offline integration.”

Philip Kuai, founder, chairman and chief executive of Dada Group, said the expanded partnership would bring benefits to both companies and consumers.

“The upgrading of the partnership with Lianhua is a sign of recognition and mutual trust of our past five years of cooperation. It also demonstrates our confidence in future opportunities for further collaboration,” said Kuai.

According to the agreement, Dada Group will continue to work together with Lianhua Supermarket in the fields of online traffic support, fulfillment optimisation, product management, user operation and marketing activities. 

In the first three quarters of this year, nearly 900 Lianhua Supermarket stores have been integrated into JDDJ platform. Lianhua Supermarket plans to launch all its offline stores on JDDJ by the third quarter of 2021 and ensure the product supply on the platform.




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