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Tuesday 25th May 2021, 18:58 Hong Kong

Asfertglobal moves into Asia

Company says food safety and environmental concerns is fuelling demand for more sustainable solutions

Asfertglobal moves into Asia

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Asfertglobal has taken another step towards its ambitious internationalisation plan by carry out its first exports to the Chinese market.

The Portuguese company, which manufactures and sells biofertilisers and biostimulants based on microorganisms, said growing environmental and food safety concerns among Chinese consumers are fuelling for more sustainable and healthy production methods.

“Organic farming and the production of food without residues is gathering momentum in China, the largest and most competitive agricultural market in the world,” the company said.

“Asfertglobal’s organic solutions have led the international expansion to this large market, guaranteeing the efficiency and sustainability of production.

“With the aim of leading the Asian biofertiliser market, Asfertglobal intends to expand, in the short term, to South Korea and Thailand, strengthening its position in this market of great strategic importance.”

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