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Liam O'Callaghan


Monday 8th November 2021, 14:49 Hong Kong

Cambodian mango exports soar

Majority of fruit heads to Vietnam and fresh access to China set to drive further growth

Cambodian mango exports soar

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Cambodian mango exports significantly increased through the first ten months of the year with good prices and new markets fuelling growth.

According to a report from The Phnom Penh Post, data from the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries revealed 202,141 tonnes of fresh mangoes were exported between January and October 2021, a 157 per cent increase year-on-year.

The main markets for Cambodian mangoes were Vietnam and Thailand accounting for 174,756 tonnes and 26,969 tonnes respectively.

This was followed by China which imported 215 tonnes, which was shipped after Cambodian mangoes gained access in April.

Hun Lak, chief executive of Rich Farm Asia, a local agricultural investor and mango grower, told The Post the mango export market and prices have been better in 2021 compared to previous years.

Cambodia gained access to China towards the end of its dry season harvest (March-April) and Lak said exports to China should surge again during the smaller wet season harvest (October-November).

Lak said China would be a valuable market for the foreseeable future as long as production, packaging, quality and phytosanitary standards could be met.

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