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Liam O'Callaghan


Friday 19th November 2021, 09:27 Hong Kong

Durian Capital launches investment scheme

New Malaysian scheme provides entry into Musang King durian production

Durian Capital launches investment scheme

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Durian Capital has announced the launch of Malaysia’s first licensed durian investment scheme aiming to raise M$56m (US$13.4m).

The scheme was launched under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) Interest Scheme Act 2016 and it covers 80ha.

Durian Capital has enlisted an experienced agricultural team, which will be supported by technical advisors from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Modern agri-technologies such as smart irrigation, drone surveillance and data analytics will also be utilised to optmise the growth and yield of the Musang King produce.

Afiq Johar, Durian Capital chief executive, said the scheme is aiming to help meet the surging intentional demand for durians, particularly in China. He was also excited by the opportunity to get Malaysians involved in the country's growing durian trade.

"With the exponential growth of the durian market in recent years, we’ve designed our investment scheme to encourage more Malaysians to participate and share in the growth of Malaysia’s star produce," said Johar.

"Looking ahead, we aim to play a role in strengthening financial literacy and resilience amongst the Malaysian public. Various macroeconomic data points indicate a worrying trend - Malaysians are not saving enough, especially for retirement. At the same time household debt continues to rise, undoubtedly exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

We hope that our durian investment scheme can democratise agriculture investing and offer an inclusive and attractive product that will help Malaysians prepare for a better future."


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