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Wednesday 14th January 2009, 08:54 Hong Kong

Frost cuts Indian potato crop

Frost has severely hit potato farmers in northern India, risking tenuous finances in the region

Frost cuts Indian potato crop

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Potato farmers in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh were among the worst affected, and said unusually low winter temperatures had caused the damage, according to ANI.

“We had invested more this year than last year, but our potato crop has been damaged by the frost. This is a three month crop. We had used all kinds of pesticides and all scientific methods, but our crop has been damaged by the frost,” farmer Dukhram Singh said.

“I have not even got 20 quintals (2 tonnes). The market situation is already not very enthusiastic and now we are literally on the road.”

Many farmers in the region had borrowed heavily from the government to increase potato production. Agricultural authorities say hundreds of acres have been affected by the heavy fog and frost.

“This season there has been lot of foggy conditions,” said Pooja, a district floriculture officer. “Farmers have registered losses to the extent of 20-30 per cent. The potatoes are also small in size. Many have even replaced the potato crop with wheat crop.”

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