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Monday 16th February 2009, 17:45 Hong Kong

T193 Ltd wins new apple rights

New Zealand fruit company T193 has won a licence to grow and globally market a new apple variety that is expected to meet strong demand in Asia

T193 Ltd wins new apple rights

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New Zealand fruit group T193 Limited has won production and distribution rights for a new bi-coloured apple variety, code-name PremA193, which is expected to particularly appeal to Asian markets.

The Royal Gala-Braeburn cross, bred by fruit science company the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research (formerly HortResearch) and licensed by Prevar, holds significant commercial potential – especially in Asia, according to T193 Ltd chairman Rex Graham.

“Given it has a mild, sweet flavour profile, is refreshing and juicy, and has an excellent crunchy texture, we believe it will have very wide consumer appeal. This will be an outstanding apple in the Asian markets,” he said in a press release published today.

T193 Ltd – a recent joint venture between  NZ fruit grower-shippers Fresh New Zealand, Heartland Group, Johnny Appleseed Holdings and the PickMee Fruit Company - won production and New Zealand local market and export rights for the new variety after Prevar this week officially approved its marketing proposal.

Prevar  chief executive Dr Brett Ennis said Prevar has been working toward commercialisation of the apple for the past two years.

“This apple is currently under trial throughout the world. Prevar has received very positive feedback from testing site evaluators, consumers and fruit marketers who have previewed the apple,” he said.

The apple will be commercially available in two-three years, and its brand name will be revealed closer to fruit availability, Prevar said in a press release.

Prevar is an international joint venture company developed to globally license and market new apple and pear varieties developed by the NZ Institute for Plant and Food Research.

Joint venture partners include Pipfruit New Zealand, Apple and Pear Australia Ltd, Plant and Food Research,  and the Associated International Group of Nurseries.

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