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Tuesday 22nd July 2008, 18:26 Hong Kong

Pakistan looks for export growth

Pakistani growers are looking to add value to their exported produce

Pakistan looks for export growth

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A group of Pakistani horticultural envoys have approached the country’s Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF) for help to add value to their export industry, according to Pakistan’s The News.

The group includes mango, banana and date growers from the Sindh province, and is hoping to increase the quality and competitiveness of their produce.

The CSF is already planning to improve Sindh growers’ infrastructure, and the delegation has asked for a mango processing facility in Tando Allah Yar in Sindh specifically.

Mangoes are an area with real growth potential for Pakistan; currently only 5 per cent of production is exported, and that at some of the lowest prices in the world.

Pakistani horticultural exports account for about US$170m now, but the CSF aims to improve that to US$1bn by 2012.

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