Mangoes do it the Purfresh way

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Mangoes do it the Purfresh way

Gold Label Products has employed the Purfresh Transport system to ship mangoes from Guatemala to Europe

Mangoes do it the Purfresh way

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A successful shipment of mangoes from Guatemala to Europe has once again demonstrated the qualities of the Purfresh Transport system in maintaining quality and improving produce shelf-life.

That is the verdict of leading protection and preservation technology expert Purfresh, which has announced that Guatemalan exporter Gold Label Products adopted its technology when shipping the fruit to the Netherlands and the UK.

Purfresh Transport is an active cargo protection system that uses a form of oxygen – commonly referred to as ozone – to kill moulds, yeasts, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces by up to 99 per cent, as well as to consume and regulate ethylene levels.

Using ozone, Purfresh Transport offers a combination of ripening control with 100 per cent residue-free decay prevention and enhanced food safety.

"We are focused on producing and delivering superior quality fruit to our customers, and Purfresh Transport is an effective, proven solution that addresses some of the most daunting challenges we experience," said Jose Luis Rueda of Gold Label Products. "Mangoes are a sensitive commodity and are prone to bacteria, mould, and over-ripening during long distance transit.

"Purfresh Transport protects the quality and gives us peace of mind and confidence that the fruit we ship will meet the high-quality standards of our European buyers, while allowing us to expand our market reach," he added.

Other shippers around the world have already utilised Purfresh Transport technology for mango exports from Peru to the Netherlands and Ecuador to Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, the UK and the US.

"Given the high risk of loss and increasing volumes of fresh produce moving around the globe, it is imperative for shippers to utilise new, advanced technologies to protect their valuable cargo during long voyages," said David Bouchard, general manager, post-harvest and transport solutions for Purfresh. "Our Purfresh Transport technology is designed to help shippers deliver the highest quality products to their customers, without the use of harsh chemicals, while sustaining and increasing revenue."

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