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Dominican Republic counts cost of Ike

Flooding caused by Hurricane Ike has reportedly destroyed thousands of hectares of fruit and vegetables in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic counts cost of Ike

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Over €10.2m worth of crops in the Dominican Republic, including bananas, avocados, yucca and red beans, have reportedly been destroyed by the flooding and high winds brought by the recent Hurricane Ike, according to an official estimate.

The country’s agriculture secretary, Salvador Jiménez, told the media that an estimated 12,576ha of cultivated land had been affected in the Caribbean nation by the hurricane, with much of the harvest lost as a result of flooding.

The regions of San Cristóbal and Cambita were particularly badly hit by flooding, with an estimated 628ha of bananas and over 5,200ha of avocados reported as having been destroyed, according to Clave Digital.

Thousands of hectares sown with avocados and other fruits in San Cristóbal are also said to have been lost as a result of the hurricane.

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