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Sanctions bite for Iranian people

Western sanctions are hurting ordinary people in Iran, with the price of fruit reportedly soaring

Sanctions bite for Iranian people

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The EU's oil embargo on Iran is due to come into effect next week, according to a report in the UK's Guardian newspaper, worsening the predicament of ordinary Iranians.

Sanctions have reportedly led to huge increases in the price of staple foods, while doing little to change the stance of the Iranian leadership concerning its nuclear programme, which it insists is for peaceful energy purposes.

With Ramadan approaching, many are concerned about the cost of the nightly fast-breaking feast, traditionally a time of high consumption of fresh produce.

"You are not sure if you can afford the cost of hosting your relatives and friends," one man told the Guardian.

The price of fruit and other staples has reportedly soared by three to four times the usual amount, while the high cost of meat is forcing many households to opt for cheaper alternatives such as potatoes.

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