Sweet Bite peppers head to Europe

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Sweet Bite peppers head to Europe

Agrexco’s Sweet Bite peppers, which are highly popular with children, are expected to arrive in Europe shortly

Sweet Bite peppers head to Europe

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Israeli exporter Agrexco has revealed that its Sweet Bite peppers, a unique variety favoured by children and cultivated exclusively by Sulat, are on their way to export markets across Europe.

The variety is destined for supermarket chains in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Scandinavia and, for the first time this year, Germany.

According to the company’s Shira Segal Kuperman, director of public affairs and communications, Sweet Bite’s popularity among children stems from its sweet taste (with a Brix of 9-11 per cent), small size, rich orange colour and high levels of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Sulat has a modern packing facility that is able to meet the specific demands of customers in Europe. It is able to meet worldwide demand, Agrexco said, thanks to its heating and cooling techniques, which enable early planting and the continuous picking of crops throughout the winter.

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