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VOG launches Spanish organic brand

Italian consortium responsible for Marlene apple brand launches organic Bio Marlene at Fruit Attraction in Madrid

VOG launches Spanish organic brand

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The South Tyrol-based VOG consortium used this week's Fruit Attraction trade show to launch its new organic brand for Marlene apples in Spain, Bio Marlene.

The new brand, to hit the Spanish market this month, is used for apples grown organically for the consortium in South Tyrol, Italy, and will 'guarantee high quality and strict controls carried out throughout the production process, from the grower to the consumer'.

One of the key characteristics of the the Bio Marlene brand is the breadth of its range of different apple varieties – it covers Royal Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Topaz, Pinova and Gold Rush. Within its organic offer, the VOG Consortium also adds club varieties such as Kanzi, Pink Lady, Evelina and Jazz.

"Bio Marlene is a major novelty for an organisation like ours” said Gerhard Dichgans, director of the VOG Consortium. "We have long been able to count on a large and varied assortment of organically grown apples, but now we are able to launch them on the Spanish market with an adequate brand strategy, in order to better intercept the growing consumer demand for healthy products which respect the environment."

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