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Russia ban hampers Greek exports

Country saw its export volume take a significant hit following Russia's decision to ban EU fresh produce in early August

Russia ban hampers Greek exports

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The value of Greece’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports fell during the ten months from January to October last year, declining by 4 per cent to €765m compared with the same period of 2013, according to new trade figures quoted by the Greek Reporter website.

“Despite the year’s good start, which came with an increase in the value of Greek products, and a 7.8 per cent and 8.1 per cent increase in the volume of fruit and vegetables, respectively, the Russian embargo imposed in European exports in August has finally damaged the value of Greek exports,” the publication commented.

The Russian ban apparently prompted a sudden fall in volumes and contributed to an overall 7.1 per cent decrease in the value of the country’s fresh produce exports over the ten months, with export volumes down year on year by 13 per cent in September and 11 per cent in October.

While the value took a hit, Greek exporters did still manage to send around 3.5 per cent more fruit and vegetables abroad.

But shipments to Russia, which took about 75,000 tonnes worth €72.8m, were down 31.1 per cent in volume terms by the end of October, or 35.1 per cent down in value terms.

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