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Carl Collen


Monday 26th January 2015, 11:35 London

Dominica reaches out for banana aid

Country is set to import Black Sigatoka-resistant plants as it battles against the disease

Dominica reaches out for banana aid

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Dominica's agriculture minister Johnson Drigo has revealed that the country is looking overseas for help in its battle against the deadly Black Sigatoka banana disease.

The country is set to import Black Sigatoka-resistant plants from the French Caribbean to aid farmers, the Caribbean Journal reported.

“As we speak, the European Development Fund National Authorising Officer is in Barbados meeting with EU officials and putting up a case for Dominica to ensure that the EU Office speeds up the process of making the necessary funds available,” said Drigo.

“One of the components of BAM, which is very important for us, is the purchase of 40,000 banana plants from France," he added. "Under the directive of the Prime Minister, (the) government has fast-tracked the process. Government is presently preparing to procure 20,000 banana plants.”

The minister noted that some 20 farmers will be targeted to develop the 20,000 banana plants.

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