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CF signs deal with Irstea

France's Compagnie Fruitière has penned an agreement with Irstea to improve fruit production systems in Africa

CF signs deal with Irstea

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Last month, French producer Compagnie Fruitière signed a collaborative agreement with Irstea, the National Institute for Research in Science and Technology for Farming and the Environment, with the aim of improving fruit and vegetable production systems in West and Central Africa.

Compagnie Fruitière, which is a leading producer of fruit in Africa, is constantly seeking to improve its practises there, and sees the partnership as a means of boosting its research and innovation programme.

According to a statement from the company, three goals have been identified: to improve the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments; to perform precision farming, including the use of information systems for measurement collection and image analysis; and to reduce exposure to phytosanitary products throughout the firm's plantations.

A collaborative platform will reportedly be set up by dedicated engineering and production teams, both at Compagnie Fruitière and at Irstea.

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