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South Korean delegation heads to Israel

Minister of agriculture leads trade visit to BioBee laboratories in Kibbutz

South Korean delegation heads to Israel

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South Korea has moved to ramp-up its pest control measures through a recent delegation to the laboratories of Israeli-based firm BioBee Biological Systems, IsraCast has reported.

Led by South Korean minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs, Lee Dong-Phil, the delegation inspected BioBee’s natural alternatives to chemical pesticides, along with the company’s bumblebee pollination programme, which is run by subsidiaries in 50 countries across the globe.

The South Korean delegation were also interested in BioFly, a division of BioBee, which aims to eradicate Mediterranean fruit flies through the introduction of sterilised male flies. The programme has already proven to be a success in a number of Croatian orchards, where 380m sterialised flies were released last year. 

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