Brits urged to buy French exports in ‘economic solidarity’

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Brits urged to buy French exports in ‘economic solidarity’

MPs have called on Britons to show support for ‘nearest neighbour city’ and buy French products following terror attacks

Brits urged to buy French exports in ‘economic solidarity’

Brits are showing solidarity with France

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Britons have been urged to buy French products to show “economic solidarity” in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris last week that left 129 people dead.

MPs called on Londoners in particular, as residents’ in the “nearest neighbour city” to buy exports from across the Channel, including wine, cheese, pates and other French items.

As well as “buying French”, other displays of solidarity in London have included a vigil held in Trafalgar Square, a national minute’s silence and London taxi drivers replacing paid-for advertising on cab roofs with tricolour lights.  

Bob Neill, secretary of the all-party parliamentary group on France, said: “Buying French is a good idea. It shows economic solidarity and demonstrates to the perpetrators of those atrocities that we are not going to change our shared way of life.

“Paris is London’s nearest neighbour city in Europe. We probably have closer links with Paris than any other European city.”

Economists fear consumer confidence in France could be hit by the atrocity, pushing the economy back into decline, the Evening Standard reported.

Three separate attacks in Paris led to 129 deaths last Friday (13 November) leaving the country reeling. French President François Hollande has since declared France is “at war” and has launched major airstrikes on ISIS strongholds in Syria. 

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