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Mercabarna shines spotlight on innovation

Innova prize awarded to companies within the market for outstanding new products and services

Mercabarna shines spotlight on innovation

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A company producing ready-to-eat dried fruit bars has won the inaugural Innova Mercabarna awards, created by the Barcelona wholesale market to foster innovation among the 700 small and medium-sized agrifood companies housed within its complex.

Created by Fruit Friends, the 100 per cent natural fruit bars marketed under the Born brand are made with semi-dried tropical fruits and are aimed at sporty consumers looking for a healthy, convenient snack.

“It has all the advantages of fruit being rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, but none of the disadvantage as there is no peeling involved and the bar is easy to carry and keep,” the company said.

Mercabarna’s general director, Josep Tejedo, presented the €6,000 prize, which was selected by a specially chosen jury of industry professionals, during an awards ceremony attended by around 50 entrepreneurs from the food sector.

“With these annual awards, Mercabarna wants to highlight and recognise the efforts of these 700 companies to differentiate their products and services,” Tejedo said. “Innovation is a key requirement in today’s competitive marketplace and allows companies to respond to the changing tastes and needs of today’s consumers.”

The second prize went to Laumont, a family company specialising in mushrooms and truffles, for its Naturchef mobile app, which keeps local chefs and restaurateurs informed of the availability of these products which are highly seasonal and dependent on the climate.



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