Hazera launches Tinty cabbage

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Hazera launches Tinty cabbage

Israeli seed group introduces a new multi-use red pointed cabbage

Hazera launches Tinty cabbage

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Hazera Seeds has launched Tinty, a red pointed cabbage variety that combines the colour of a red cabbage with the shape and taste of a green pointed cabbage. 

According to the Israeli group, while a red cabbage has harder and stiffer leaves, Tinty has thinner and softer leaves, which allows for a fine, mild and sweet flavour.

"Due to this flavour, Tinty can be enjoyed in many different ways and will bring great taste to your dishes," the group noted. "Tinty can be used in salads, steamed, boiled (even in microwaves) or stir fried. The bright red colour is preserved during preparation. In an instant, you can offer a delicious and healthy meal on your table."

Tinty can be offered in various sizes and can be grown as a mini, with the product boasting a good shelf life, leaving hardly any waste in the supply chain. The red pointed cabbage can be packed per piece (sealed), but also as a twin pack in combination with a green pointed cabbage, offering consumers a very attractive combination.

"Pointed cabbage is known to be healthy. The combination with the mild sweet and fresh taste, the easy preparation and the versatility of the product makes this red pointed cabbage the ideal, healthy trendsetter," the group added.

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