Exclusive: Fyffes' new ad highlights brand heritage

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Carl Collen


Exclusive: Fyffes' new ad highlights brand heritage

Get a sneak preview of the banana importer's new television advertisement, which focuses on the label's Irish roots

Banana importer Fyffes is launching a new television campaign under the strapline Fyffes - Discover More that aims to remind consumers of its long and distinguished heritage as an Irish-owned brand.

Filmed on the seafront at Bray, the 30-second commercial sets out to illustrate how bananas have been a popular fruit with Irish families across the generations by blending footage reminiscent of the 1920s with modern-day scenes.

Fyffes sales and marketing manager Emma Hunt-Duffy said the purpose of the advertisement was to “address that lost generation of consumers who may be unaware of our heritage and longevity as an Irish brand".

In conveying its message, a young Irish boy is filmed viewing the world of Fyffes, told in animation, through the lens of some seaside binoculars.

Entitled ‘Fyffes Generations’, the video will be broadcast on major television channels from mid-January.

Fyffes – Binoculars

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