FLIA 2016 nominee: WOW! Colourful Perupas

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Carl Collen


FLIA 2016 nominee: WOW! Colourful Perupas

Colourful, Andes-sourced potatoes have been made available by Dutch company HZPC Holland

FLIA 2016 nominee: WOW! Colourful Perupas

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WOW! Colourful Perupas are potatoes based on original varieties from the Andes.

Launched by HZPC Holland, they offer a new and interesting product range as well as a diversity of taste, colour and shape.

Four varieties are currently available:

• Violet Queen – with dark purple flesh and the flavour of sweet beetroot
• Double Fun – in two colours with violet and yellow flesh
• Magenta Love – in dark pink, a rare colour in potatoes
• Blue Star – with a striking marbled pattern, ideal for chips or mashed potatoes

Three more varieties will follow in 2017.

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