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Sainsbury’s sees unseasonable spike in sprout sales

Retailer said health benefits of sprouts and alternative recipes have created ‘unprecedented’ summer demand

Sainsbury’s sees unseasonable spike in sprout sales

New recipes are tempting shoppers to buy sprouts outside the Christmas season

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Sainsbury’s has reported unseasonably high demand for Brussels sprouts with sales up 43 per cent year-on-year this summer.

The retailer has hailed the spike as “unprecedented” and credited new research published in the New Scientist recently that highlights sprouts as higher in nutrients than foodie-favourite kale.

Although the current sales boom is benefiting imports, Sainsbury’s said it is currently selling Dutch pre-packed Brussel sprouts, the healthy market should also benefit British growers, with the UK season about to kick off and due to run from September to April.

“We noticed the beginnings of this trend last year, when we experienced a 50 per cent rise in sales for baby sprouts; as shoppers perhaps looked for a more palatable way to eat the traditional vegetable,” said Sainsbury’s prepared produce buyer, James Hamilton.

“But this year’s unusual sales spike in the middle of summer is a true demonstration of an ever increasing customer interest in nutrient-rich vegetables.”

Recipe inspiration from the likes of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver has also helped consumers cook sprouts in different ways outside of the festive season, according to Sainsbury’s.

“It appears that sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas. We may even see them go the way of the avocado – becoming a popular healthy addition to modern diets all year round,” Hamilton added.

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