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Eurofruit 500: issues 451-500

In the last of our timelines to mark 500 issues of Eurofruit, we chart the industry’s most recent key developments

Eurofruit 500: issues 451-500

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Eurofruit's 500th issue is due to be published at the start of November, a major milestone for a publication that has been reporting on news, trends and ideas in Europe's fresh produce business ever since the European Economic Community began to expand at the start of 1973.

We have selected one important story from each of our previous issues, giving you a snapshot of key developments in the European fruit and vegetable market during the course of our 44-year history. Below, you can see what the key stories were in issues 451-500.

Timelines in this series: 1-5051-100101-150151-200201-250251-300301-350351-400, 451-500.

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#451 May 2012
CVVP says it is winning its legal battle over Nadorcott clementines.

#452 June 2012
Doubts still persist in the German market a year on from the E coli outbreak, with pesticide residues still very much in the spotlight.

#453 July 2012
As the London Olympics gets underway, the UK industry looks to take advantage of an expected rise in demand through promotions and offers.

#454 August 2012
Recovering from Psa, Zespri launches its new SunGold kiwifruit variety in Europe at a special ceremony in Belgium.

#455 September 2012
French fruit growing capacity diminishes as planted orchard area falls 17 per cent between 2000 and 2010.

#456 October 2012
Dole sells its Asian fruit division to Itochu for US$1.68bn.

#457 November/December 2012
The merger of Mechelse Veilingen and Coöbra to form BelOrta is seen as a major boost for Belgian fresh fruit and vegetable growers.

#458 January 2013
Maersk Line chief executive Soren Skou defends the group’s decision to increase reefer container freight rates across the board.

#459 February 2013
The EC is urged to act over limited availability of plant protection products that "threatens European crop diversity”.

#460 March 2013
A financial aid package for growers in the EU’s outermost regions is approved by MEPs.

#461 April 2013
Chile launches a sustainability guide to support its fresh produce growers.

#462 May 2013
Fruit Logistica unveils a new logo.

#463 June 2013
The EC considers a ban on three neonicotinoids apparently linked to a decline in bee numbers.

#464 July 2013
Widespread flooding in central Europe hits fruit and vegetable production.

#465 August 2013
Croatia joins the EU, opening the doors for it to export produce including clementines to other EU members states.

#466 September 2013
Good news for the exotic fruit trade as a free trade agreement between the EU and Colombia comes into effect.

#467 October 2013
Spanish group Casi is in bullish mood ahead of the country’s tomato season.

#468 November/December 2013
Vietnam registers a “significant rise” in its global fresh produce exports.

#469 January 2014
South African citrus exporters react to the EU’s provisional ban, imposed because of a perceived threat from citrus black spot.

#470 February 2014
Dutch marketer The Greenery undertakes a major restructuring of its business following a series of poor financial results.

#471 March 2014
Eisberg eyes new markets after bagging the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award with its BBQ Grill Mix.

#472 April 2014
Chiquita and Fyffes reveal they are planning to merge their operations, creating the world’s largest fresh produce company.

#473 May 2014
Nunhems rebrands as Bayer CropScience Vegetable Seeds.

#474 June 2014
Jeff Correa of Pear Bureau NorthWest warns that inaction over DPA regulations could destroy the US group’s business in Europe.

#475 July 2014
The unfolding Crimea crisis hits potato and vegetable farmers in the peninsula.

#476 August 2014
Italian apple marketer Melinda starts selling berries and cherries.

#477 September 2014
Russia bans imports of all EU fresh produce imports, a move that will have major implications for international trade in years to come.

#478 October 2014
Total Produce chairman Carl McCann says the group is considering further acquisitions to grow its business.

#479 November/December 2014
Peruvian exporter Camposol announces significant investment in blueberry production.

#480 January 2015
Chiquita is acquired by Brazilian juice giant Cutrale and investment firm Safra.

#481 February 2015
Opal Apples rocket up to the International Space Station.

#482 March 2015
Fruit Logistica sets a new record with 65,000 visitors from 135 countries.

#483 April 2015
Russia’s ban reportedly results in only 40 per cent of Poland's potential apple exports being shipped.

#484 May 2015
Panama disease discovered in banana plantations in Pakistan and Lebanon.

#485 June 2015
Southern Hemisphere citrus exports are expected to “remain flat” in 2015.

#486 July 2015
Vietnamese lychees enter France for the first time.

#487 August 2015
EUROFRUIT publisher Market Intelligence merges with Dr Rolf M Wolf Media to form Fruitnet Media International.

#488 September 2015
The EU apple crop is forecast at a “bumper” 12m tonnes, up 11 per cent on the five-year average.

#489 October 2015
Five of the Netherlands’ leading greenhouse vegetable producers form a new alliance.

#490 November/December 2015
Europe holds “untapped potential” for avocados, says Gabriel Burunat of French importer Commercial Fruits.

#491 January 2016
Fresh produce from Turkey joins the Russian import blacklist.

#492 February 2016
Chiquita launches new banana label Hola Banana! across Europe.

#493 March 2016
Several of the world's leading avocado-producing nations come together to form the World Avocado Organisation.

#494 April 2016
A campaign urging retailers to include wonky fruit and veg on their shelves gathers momentum in Europe.

#495 May 2016
Copa-Cogeca hits out at new EU citrus black spot proposals, which it says “severely weaken” import controls.

#496 June 2016
Citrus industry members from France, Spain and Italy form a joint committee to defend the industry's interests.

#497 July/August 2016
After the UK votes to leave the EU, Brexit casts a shadow over the future of its fruit and vegetable business.

#498 September 2016
EU members create a new platform aimed at cutting per-capita food waste by 2030.

#499 October 2016
BelOrta strikes deal to market Veiling Haspengouw’s apples and pears, after the latter’s partnership with Univeg ended.

#500 November/December 2016
Eurofruit launches Fruitnet Forum, a new event highlighting opportunities for expansion in the fresh produce business.

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