Cold weather boosts Polish topfruit sales

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Cold weather boosts Polish topfruit sales

Dominik Wozniak of Rajpol says low temperatures which have swept across much of Europe have had a positive impact on sales

Cold weather boosts Polish topfruit sales

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The cold snap which hit much of Europe in recent days has not spared Poland, with some areas of the country plunged into temperatures as low as 25oC.

While growers across many parts of the continent are on high alert, there is at least some positive news coming out of Poland as a result of the chilly atmosphere.

Dominik Wozniak of Rajpol said that the freezing weather has actually helped drive up sales of topfruit in the country.

"This weekend the temperature reached -25oC at night and -15oc during the day in our region, the coldest [it has been for] a couple of years," he explained.

"We have seen big influence on our current sales," Wozniak outlined. "Most of the greenmarkets are closed and people have started shopping more at supermarkets... our sales have increased around 15 per cent in apples and pears. We hope to have more days with cold weather and good sales!"

Looking ahead, Wozniak said that it was far too early for the cold spell to have any real impact on next year's crop.

"Now is too early to speak about damage and impact on the coming crop," he said. "Temperatures of -25oc are of course very low, but nothing unexpected in Poland. Most of the orchard will see no damage."


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