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Special Fruit shows faith in Calinda

The Belgian importer has made significant investments in the Calinda strawberry, the early premium variety hitting shelves in Europe

Special Fruit shows faith in Calinda

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Belgian importer Special Fruit has announced the European availability of its premium Calinda strawberries, which the company describes as “the best alternative to a tasty Spanish spring strawberry”.

“It has an incredible shelf-life, a deep red colour and a sweet, juicy flavor,” Special Fruit stated in a press release.

The company’s faith in this variety is such that in the past year it has invested in additional production areas in new regions in Spain, full-time cultivation assistance and new innovative 400g packaging.

Sustainability is also a priority for Special Fruit. “Our ambition is to cultivate a strawberry in the near future that is certified ‘zero residue’ under the supervision of the Zerya specialists,” it stated. “In addition to this, there are also quantities of organic Calindas available.”

Special Fruit is also working with Foodpairing, an online tool for creating flavour combinations, to devise an original savoury recipe, including tomatoes, parmesan, basil and Calinda strawberries.

Developed by Netherlands-based Fresh Forward Breeding, the variety is available from mid-January until late May.

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