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Prince de Bretagne promotes brassicas

The Breton marketer is shining a light on the broad range of brassicas available, from the common cauliflower to the less-known flower sprout

Prince de Bretagne promotes brassicas

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Brittany-based marketer Prince de Bretagne is highlighting the wide variety of brassicas currently on offer from its growers, including some less well known varieties.

The New Year is seen as a prime time to promote the range of vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and low in calories, with a variety of different looks and tastes available.

“Alongside cauliflower, Savoy cabbage is the classic winter brassica,” the marketer stated. “The majority of our Savoy cabbages are ‘large’ size, weighing more than 1.5kg, and are perfect for the preparation of traditional family meals. The Breton climate means it is possible to harvest them daily until March or even April, depending on the weather conditions, guaranteeing ultra fresh produce for your shelves.”

One innovation for the current season is the Heart of Savoy cabbage, a green cabbage with its outer crown of leaves removed. “It is presented in a sachet which combines practicality with our sustainable approach,” Prince de Bretagne revealed. “Less cumbersome, it provides optimised logistics from harvesting through to consumption. It is ready to cook and can be consumed over the course of several meals thanks to its freshness sachet.”

The trendiest brassica at present remains kale, according to the marketer, with its pronounced taste and mixture of vitamins. However, the award for most original goes to flower sprouts.

“Producers continue to diversify their offer, always seeking brassicas that offer new tastes, shapes and presentations,” the company stated. “Flower sprouts (also known as Roses de Chou) are a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale, offering a balanced taste with milder notes than sprouts. This little brassica is practical too, as it is ready to use and cooks in just a few minutes.”

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