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Bayer opens tomato centres

Bayer presents all Nunhems tomato on the vine varieties at two loctions in Belgium and the Netherlands

Bayer opens tomato centres

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Bayer has announced that it is introducing two Tomato On the Vine (TOV) Centres in the Netherlands and Belgium, where it will present all Nunhems tomato on the vine varieties.

During the last three years, Bayer hosted hundreds of visitors at the Bayer Tomato Demo Greenhouse. Tomato growers and other companies active in the high-tech tomato business have visited the facilities in ‘s-Gravenzande in the Netherlands to see the latest developments in the Nunhems’ variety portfolio and to discuss new trends.

For this year, Bayer has introduced a new approach: TOV centres on two new locations, at De Bakker Westland in Kwintsheul (Netherlands) and Tomato Masters in Deinze (Belgium). Here you can see all Nunhems trial 1-, trial 2-, introduction- and commercial tomato on the vine varieties.

Rens Knieriem, Crop Sales Manager Tomato High Tech: “We realised that if we want to meet the real demands of our customers we have to make the next step; i.e. offering tailor made solutions beyond the seed.” This means that Bayer will focus on offering solutions that are tailor made to the needs of the individual grower that go beyond the variety itself. “Targeted solutions means that we will no longer present our complete assortment and pipeline in one greenhouse, but carefully select the relevant material and focus on the opportunities that it brings," Knieriem added.

The Bayer location in ‘s-Gravenzande will remain the basis for customer activities in the Westland and breeding of hydroponic lettuce, whereas the tomato greenhouse itself will be used for the development of high-tech tomatoes under artificial light. This is a quickly expanding segment, for which Bayer is investing to develop better solutions.

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