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SanLucar launches XL stonefruit packs

The new slider can be used for large-calibre apricots, flat peaches and cherries

SanLucar launches XL stonefruit packs

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SanLucar has developed a new range of slider packs for larger-sized stonefruit for the German and Austrian markets.

The packs preserve the fruit’s quality and protect the product by avoiding direct contact, providing a convenient, hygienic, and secure alternative for the transport of such delicate fruits.

“The slider can be taken anywhere, opened and closed without damaging the rest of the fruit, preserving taste and freshness for later consumption,” SanLucar said.

“Moreover, the distinctive design of the slider – the fruit catches the attention through a large central window – ensures an excellent presentation at the point of sale and means the content can be easily identified by consumers and the fruit does not have to be weighed.”

The slider is available in the following formats: 650g of flat peaches, 750g of apricots and 350g of cherries.


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