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Dubai chefs have ‘Cressperience’

Koppert Cress’s culinary course hits Dubai this week, as the company seeks to educate local chefs on cress, microgreens and food pairing

Dubai chefs have ‘Cressperience’

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This week, Dutch micro produce supplier Koppert Cress is holding its three-day ‘Middle East Cressperience’ at the Toro Toro Restaurant in Dubai, inviting local chefs to a culinary masterclass covering the latest global trends such as food pairing, dehydration, freezing, emulsions, cress combinations, specialties and microgreens.

Paul Da-Costa-Greaves, Koppert Cress’s UAE country manager, commented: “Education has always been at the forefront with Koppert Cress. An observation of a complete knowledge gap prompted our Cress Chefs to set about writing an educational brochure explaining in great depth the difference between microgreens and cress.”

Each delegate chef will be furnished with a Koppert Cress microgreens manual, which provides an in-depth understanding of microgreens, cresses, specialties and their applications.

“Koppert Cress enables the best chefs to be the best, enhancing their menus and enriching their recipes”, said Da-Costa-Greaves. “The Koppert Cress culinary team will deliver a 15-course tasting menu to Middle Eastern course delegates that will tease their palates and feed their desire.”

The ‘Cressperience’ taster days showcase the contents of the new Koppert Cress educational programme and highlight the benefits of using and eating microgreens, flavour profiles and food pairings, with the Koppert Cress culinary team on hand to help chefs match the right Koppert Cress products to their menus.

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