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Prominent launches consumer campaign

Tomato group is launching a series of video clips featuring the end user

Prominent launches consumer campaign

Femke, the focus of the video

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Dutch vine tomato specialist Prominent Tomatoes has announced that it is investing in shopper marketing and launching a series of video clips featuring the end user.

"Shopper marketing is enhancing the shopping experience and optimising sales results for both retailer and supplier," said marketing manager, Wim van den Berg. 'The latest clip has 'Femke' in the leading role. She's a mother who chooses healthy food for her family.

"When determining your marketing strategy, it's essential to identify your product's end user," he added. "How does he or she behave, and why? We apply insights into consumer shopping behaviour to offering just the right product they're looking for."

The video focuses on how vine tomatoes can be utilised in recipes for the family.

'For Femke, the vine tomato is the perfect choice. Why? Because it's delicious for preparing recipes like soups or pasta sauces. So this makes it easy for Femke to serve a meal her family will love,' the video outlines.

"Every target group has its own specific preferences," van den Berg added. "We want to offer just the right product - one Femke will appreciate, too."


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