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Eurofruit's Top 25 stories from 2017

Review: Find out which stories were the most read on the Eurofruit website over the past 12 months

Eurofruit's Top 25 stories from 2017

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With 2017 drawing to a close, we pick out the 25 most popular stories posted on the Eurofruit website during the past 12 months. Here they are in reverse order…

Asia to become top market for SH grapes by 2020
Mihai Ciobanu of Fresh4cast looked at the implications of Asia's growing appetite for table grapes and what it meant for other markets.

UAE bans products from Middle Eastern countries
The country’s blockade of certain products reportedly affected growers in Oman, Jordan and the UAE itself.

PrepWorld enters Spanish fresh-cut market
Former Del Monte general manager Pepe Morant took charge of PrepWorld Spain, based in Valencia.

Tesco starts selling new apple in UK
The retailer said it saw good potential to grow sales of pink-coloured variety Prem34.

Special Fruit shows faith in Calinda
The Belgian importer flagged up its investment in a new early premium strawberry for the European market.

Bonnysa back on the right track
New product lines and revenue streams were helping the company to reclaim its role as one of Spain’s produce giants.

Avocado shortages likely in Europe
With suppliers struggling to keep up with demand from Europe, future market shortages appeared inevitable.

100 #freshideas from Fruit Logistica 2017
Fruitnet brought you its highlights from the international fresh produce industry's biggest annual get-together.

Sainsbury’s launches banana ‘rescue stations’
Retailer said it wanted to encourage consumers to use overripe fruit and cut down on waste.

UK market becoming 'less attractive'
Significance of market for fruit growers in the Southern Hemisphere was 'dwindling', said a new report.

Europe's apple crop 'smaller than forecast'
Commentators predicted a shortage of the larger sizes usually favoured by major Mediterranean markets.

The Greenery makes snap decision on berries
New blueberry packaging for the German market was aimed at providing consumers with greater convenience.

Blockchain: Dole and Driscoll's on board
Fresh produce companies joined Walmart, Kroger and other major food companies in backing the new technology.

Del Monte reveals Middle East expansion plan
Mohammed Abbas, Fresh Del Monte’s vice-president for the Middle East and North Africa, revealed new plans for the region.

RSA suspends citrus exports to EU
South Africa’s Citrus Growers’ Association announced the suspension of exports for the rest of the season.

Kissabel: new brand for red-flesh apples
New range undergoing commercial trial featured unique orange-skinned variety and fruit with distinctive berry flavour.

Greenyard prepares to purchase Dole
Coming in just before deadline, Greenyard’s potential buyout of Dole was the big story in late December.

Eurobanan unveils low fat avocado
The company said Avocado Light could fuel a new wave of avo-mania in Spain.

BEE citrus project breaks the mould
A Black Economic Empowerment project in South Africa succeeded where many such projects had failed.

Morocco faces clementine crisis
Government officials met with industry professionals to address abnormally low clementine prices.

Elite Agro secures blueberry rights
The Abu Dhabi-based group secured the exclusive rights to grow Mountain Blue Orchards’ varieties in the Middle East.

HelloFresh is fastest-growing company in Europe
Berlin-based meal kit delivery service stood out for its impressive growth in several European markets.

Spanish citrus campaign goes from bad to worse
Producers said a decision to reduce tariffs on South African imports had compounded a “disastrous” campaign.

Why have avocados become so popular?
Fruitnet’s Mike Knowles was invited to answer that question on the BBC show Talking Business.

Frost hits European apple and stonefruit crops
Icy conditions in April resulted in major losses for a number of Europe’s fruit-producing regions.

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