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Millenium Bridge stunt launches Fairtrade Fortnight

New campaign by Fairtrade Foundation aims to highlight the "stranglehold of poverty prices" for growers across the world

Fairtrade Fortnight kicked off their two-week campaign today with a giant wooden installation placed on London’s Millenium Bridge.

The campaign, called “Come On In”, was launched by the Fairtrade Foundation, and seeks to raise awareness of supply chain exploitation, calling on the public to “close the door on exploitation and break the stranglehold of poverty prices”.

The installation recreated the entrance of a banana washhouse in Panama and was on full view to commuters crossing the Millenium Bridge in the snow this morning.

Pedestrians were also asked to watch a new immersive 360 virtual reality film depicting a Panama banana farm.

The Fairtrade Foundation released new stats showing the past 15 years have seen a 40 per cent fall in the UK price of loose bananas while costs of production have doubled.

According to their research, a quarter of Brits (26 per cent) never think about who produces their food and drink, while half of those asked said they were unaware of exploitation in the food chain.

Cheryl McGechie, director of public engagement at the Fairtrade Foundation said: “Most British consumers don’t realise the reality behind the food we eat nor do they make the connection between what they buy and who it was grown by.

“Although Fairtrade provides a vital safety net that can help lift farmers and workers out of poverty, we need more people to choose Fairtrade, as every item that is sold on Fairtrade terms means more money for the producers who grow some of our favourite foods”

Celebrity chef Tess Ward, who backs the campaign and attended the opening today, said: “Together we’re stronger, and more people choosing, sharing and shouting about Fairtrade in the UK means more power to producers breaking the stranglehold of poverty prices."

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

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