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Carrefour strengthens organic partnerships

The French retailer is forging closer ties with its organic suppliers in southwestern France to expand its organic range

Carrefour strengthens organic partnerships

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As part of its Carrefour 2022 transformation plan, the French retailer has announced plans to expand its selection of organic products and enter into new partnerships to guarantee and secure supplies.

The supermarket chain is bolstering its partnerships with organic partners in the Aquitaine region, including signing up to new product lines in Bordeaux with Sica Bio Pays Landais for asparagus.

In addition to asparagus, the group already produces around 30 products for Carrefour’s organic range, including grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, leeks, melons, courgettes, pumpkins, aubergines, peppers and Reine Claude plums.

The new three-year contract commits Carrefour to buying 50 tonnes annually to supply its 300 stores in southwestern France.

Carrefour has also struck a deal with La Ferme de l’Estuaire for a new type of spherical radish sold in ready-to-eat sachets. The deal is for 350 tonnes of radishes, to be sold nationally over a three-year period.

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