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Chile citrus marketing campaign underway

UK and Japan are the focus of the Chilean Citrus Committee’s promotions this year

Chile citrus marketing campaign underway

The CCC's Monserrat Valenzuela unveils this year's campaign

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The Chilean Citrus Committee has unveiled its new marketing campaign to promote consumption of Chilean citrus in the UK and Japan.

The UK campaign started with participation with a stand at the recent London Produce Show and Conference, held from 6-8 June. 

“The promotions in the UK are aimed at strengthening the presence of Chilean citrus in the market, highlighting its characteristics and availability, as well as enabling visitors to taste our citrus,” said Monserrat Valenzuela the committee’s manager.

“The London Produce Show and Conference brings together people from across the supply chain, acting as a forum where you can meet suppliers, buyers, nutritionists, chefs, and other professionals linked with the fruit world.”

Charif Christian Carvajal, Asoex’s marketing director, added: “As part of its participation in the event, the Committee delivered a presentation where its general manager outlined the Chilean citrus industry.

“Taking part also enabled us to make contact with potential buyers. It’s important to mention that as part of the show, Chile took part in a seminar about the Pacific Alliance where we highlighted Chilean fruit production and exports.”

The UK campaign will feature articles in specialist trade publications for the fresh produce sector. Principally published online, these articles will also be distributed through social media channels. As well as this, Chile has invited a specialist trade journalist to visit the country to learn about the Chile’s citrus sector and export offer.

In terms of the Japanese market, the Committee will be organising workshops for importers and the media to learn more about the health benefits, versatility of use for different culinary dishes and food safety of Chilean lemons.

These activities will be complimented by ‘cookery shows’, in which participants will learn how to prepare different dishes which, as well as tasting them, they can share with readers and customers.

Although the US remains the principal destination for Chilean lemons, Japan has become an interesting market for the product due to the high value that Japanese consumers place on Chilean fruit.

Last season Japan accounted for more than 80 per cent of lemons exported from Chile to Asia. 

For this season the Committee is forecasting a 17 per cent increase in citrus exports. This will be led by mandarins, which will be 32 per cent up on the previous season, followed by oranges and clementines.

In terms of mandarins, the Committee anticipates that exports will reach 100,819 tonnes, up from 76,373 tonnes during the previous season. Orange exports are expected to amount to 84,449 tonnes, equivalent to a 12 per cent increase from the last export campaign’s 75,478 tonnes.

In third place, clementines are forecast to record a 27 per cent increase to 51,924 tonnes, from 41,000 tonnes the season before. Finally, lemon exports are set to reach 78,104 tonnes, a 1 per cent increase from the 75,478 tonnes exported during the previous campaign. 


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