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Damco unveils East-West rail service

Logistics group introduces weekly rail service offering businesses a 'cost-effective alternative' to ocean freight

Damco unveils East-West rail service

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Freight forwarding and supply chain management specialist Damco is looking to build on the success of its rail offer connecting China and France, by launching a new weekly East-West rail service in response to customer demand.

“We know the pressures our customers are under to reduce the time it takes to move their goods from source to shop," said Kasper Krog, global head of rail at Damco. "We’ve seen an incredible rise in demand for rail, which is a reliable and speedy alternative to ocean freight.”

Caroline Wu, CEO of Damco Greater China area, commented: “The new weekly East-West rail service will enable Damco’s customers to develop a more agile supply chain, allowing them to react swiftly to consumer behavior and changes in the market.”
According to the company, the weekly East-West rail solution provides a regular, secure and cost-effective route from China to Europe.

Some 20 days faster than ocean freight, it has already reduced lead times, increased reliability (including via no rolling of cargo) and additionally offers greater visibility across the supply chain, Damco noted.

“Thanks to our GPS tracking, we offer our customers detailed insights into the whereabouts of their containers at all times, giving them peace of mind about the timely delivery of their goods, as well as their safety and security as they make their intercontinental journey," outlined Krog. "With greater predictability offered by our experts, our customers can make more informed decisions about how they move their goods.”

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