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Barnsby apple tests get thumbs up

The variety has been turning out 'exciting results' during testing in the EU

Barnsby apple tests get thumbs up

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Full-service global IP and commercialisation company Proprietary Variety Management (PVM) has expressed enthusiasm for the future of the Barnsby apple variety, which has been undergoing testing in Northern Europe.

According to PVM, which is based in Yakima, Washington state and specialises in new fruit cultivars, tests involving the PLBARB1 variety, or Barnsby, produced 'positive and promising results' in the likes of Germany, Belgium and the UK this year.

"Due to their shortened growing season, orchardists in countries in Northern Europe traditionally have been unable to sustain the late-harvesting Cripps Pink cultivars," PVM explained. "The Barnsby could be the perfect solution for these areas because it boasts a harvest window three to four weeks sooner than other Cripps selections. The test plantings all reported similar results including beautiful dark-pink colour, excellent flavour, attractive and consistent apples."

PVM outlined that the testing and evaluation project in Northern Europe was ongoing to ascertain the total growing area suitable to mature this new variety.

On 15 September 2018, a ruling was announced that the Barnsby cultivar was recognised with Plant Breeders rights in Europe, paving the way for commercial cultivation in the coming years.

The cultivar has already met with success in the US with 'very large commercial orchards' now being planted and grown in Washington State, Michigan and New York, according to PVM, while plantings are also in line for British Columbia and Ontario in Canada.

In the US and Mexico, the Barnsby cultivar is marketed under the Pink Lady trademark.

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