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Rockit shows sustainable side

Apple company Rockit switches plastic with cardboard for its signature convenience-led apple tube

Rockit shows sustainable side

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Hawke’s Bay apple company, Rockit Global has launched its cardboard packaging in New Zealand supermarkets and food stores.

Until last year, the apples’ packaging was made of recyclable PET plastic. Austin Mortimer, Rockit CEO said while the plastic tube was a success, the organisation was aware of New Zealanders’ commitment to a plastic-free future and wanted to support it.

“Like so many Kiwis, members of the Rockit Global team recognise that there is enough plastic in the world already and if there is an alternative material that can fulfil the purpose of packaging, which is to reduce food wastage, we should embrace it,” said Mortimer.

The new packaging format is made up of cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests and is approved by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

“This is a long journey and there is still global uncertainty around the trade-off between food wastage and packaging, but we’re determined to stay fully abreast of developments – particularly in the space of bioplastics as we see real potential here – so that we’re ready to act swiftly when the ideal solution becomes available,” Mortimer said.

“We believe that we have an absolute responsibility to do no harm to the environment as we grow the business.”

The cardboard packaging will be on supermarket shelves across New Zealand, Australia and Europe, with sights set on global implementation once the company has undergone testing to meet food safety, durability and export standards.

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