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Pink Lady battles on

Apple brand maintains "good performance" against a backdrop of declining apple consumption in key EU markets

Pink Lady battles on

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Pink Lady has outlined its results for the season, revealing that the brand gained market share against a background of declining apple consumption in key EU markets.

According to Pink Lady Europe, sales fell from 178,000 tonnes last campaign to 170,000 tonnes, with the "minor fall" attributed to harsh weather conditions during harvesting.

This failed to slow its momentum across European markets, with growth in its top three countries of the Netherlands (+15 per cent to over 10,000 tonnes), France (+14 per cent to 22,250 tonnes) and the UK (+9 per cent to over 33,000 tonnes).

Pink Lady saw "tangible market share gains" in a number of countries, particularly Ireland, Germany and France, while children's apple Pinkids continued its upwards trajectory with sales up 20 per cent year-on-year.

The brand saw "performances in line with stated objectives on customer retention and recruitment, as well as significant progress towards achieving the target of 275,000 tonnes in 2025".

According to a survey, Pink Lady also saw growth in reputation across all markets, with seven out of ten countries surveyed turning in a score in excess of 80 per cent for recognition of the brand's popularity.

Pink Lady Europe also highlighted a number of corporate responsibility steps it had taken, including the roll-out of Bee Pink, the launch of smart pomiculture, the reinforcement of initiatives like Pink Lady Talents and We Are Pink, and the launch of the new Pink My Life loyalty club.

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