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Monday 30th September 2019, 16:19 London

Plotting a course for South-East Europe

Fruitnet Forum South-East Europe takes place in Belgrade on 6-7 November

Plotting a course for South-East Europe

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Fruitnet will bring together leading international fresh produce players at Fruitnet Forum South-East Europe in Belgrade on 6-7 November to explore new opportunities for the region’s fruit and vegetable sector, with a particular focus on technology, varieties, markets and collaboration.

Fruitnet Forum South-East Europe, one of the fresh produce industry’s leading international networking events, returns to Belgrade on 6-7 November. Bringing together regional and international professionals from the fruit and vegetable sector, it will highlight new strategies for attracting investment, fostering cooperation, improving quality and expanding to new markets.

The South-East Europe region is rapidly growing in importance as a source of fresh fruit and vegetables, and Ivana Markovic of Seedev will provide an overview of the market for investment in the region, including the opportunities and risks involved.

This year’s event includes a focus on the berry sector, with Hans Liekens of US-based Fall Creek Farm & Nursery providing an insight into the development of the best blueberry varieties and Irakly Partsvania of Georgian group Vanrik Agro highlighting the exciting potential of juneberries, otherwise known as saskatoons.

Jo Lambrecht of Belgian cooperative BelOrta will discuss the benefits of collaboration in order to deliver the best returns for growers, while Yiğit Gökyiğit of Alanar will speak about the Turkish exporter’s experience of opening up new markets, including in East Asia.

Ioannis Nanos from the University of Macedonia will present the potential benefits that blockchain technology can offer the region’s fruit and vegetables sector, while Steve Barker of UK-based Jupiter Marketing will discuss the company’s efforts to expand in South-East Europe, including in Greece.

The event will conclude with a round-table discussion on current trends and the future direction of the region’s fresh produce sector, with speakers including Milos Milovanovic of the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation, Julka Toskic of Serbian marketing agency Agrobrand, Radu Niculescu of Romanian berry specialist MerryBerry and Peter Perendi of retailer Tesco Central Europe.

Throughout the event, the B2B Café will give delegates the chance to meet face-to-face and discuss business opportunities with international buyers from countries including China, Singapore, the UK and Hungary.

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