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Monday 8th March 2021, 17:08 London

Pink Lady campaign continues

Pink Lady Europe’s wide-ranging media campaign highlights the apple brand’s positive contribution to the environment, consumers and society

Pink Lady campaign continues

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Pink Lady Europe has revealed that it is continuing the rollout of its latest communications platform, "What can Pink Lady do for you today?", announcing a multi-faceted media campaign over the coming two months.

The aim, according to Pink Lady, is to reiterate its quality in terms of taste, while explaining the values and commitments associated with the production of the apple.

Following a first wave of advertising last November, a second round of TV adverts hit screens around Valentine’s Day, reaching over 200m contacts in Europe.

The campaign focuses on five themes from the company’s commitments charter: the fight against plastic, zero waste, optimal quality, biodiversity preservation and local origin for producing countries.

Through a series of editorial partnerships with media across Europe, content will also be co-created with sustainable agriculture experts, including videos and interviews.

Online, animated banners asking “What can Pink Lady do for you today?” will be seen in nine European countries: France, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Sweden. These are intended to steer traffic to Pink Lady’s new website, as well as its new webzine focusing on sustainable agriculture, the Mag.

“Given the rising expectations regarding corporate responsibility, this new platform and the range of media coverage for it should help to make Pink Lady a positive brand and illustrate its positive contribution to the environment, consumers and society in general,” the company stated.

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