Agrexco unaffected by Gaza crisis

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Agrexco unaffected by Gaza crisis

The Israeli exporter has seen no effect on its business activities, despite the violence in Gaza and calls to boycott Israeli produce

Agrexco unaffected by Gaza crisis

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With Israel’s military bombardment of occupied Gaza entering its third week, amid heightening calls for a ceasefire and near-universal condemnation, campaigners have stepped up their efforts to persuade the world to boycott Israeli goods, including the country’s fruit and vegetables.

However, slogans such as “Don’t squeeze a Jaffa, crush the occupation” have had little impact on sales of Israeli citrus or other products, according to the country’s largest exporter Agrexco.

Oded Yacovson, general manager of Agrexco UK, told “We have become used to the campaign to boycott Israeli goods over the last few years. But we are not involved in politics, only business. As long as we stay out of politics, there should be no problem.

“Consumers understand this situation. They are concerned with the price and quality of the produce they buy, particularly during the current economic situation.”

According to Mr Yacovson, Agrexco has seen no drop in sales, either as a result of the disturbances in Gaza or the reinvigorated boycotting campaign, and does not expect to in the future.

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