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New ripeness indicator for avocados

ripeSense labels launched in German market following recent successful trials in conjunction with Plant & Food Research

New ripeness indicator for avocados

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Ripesense Ltd has announced the launch of a new avocado pack in Germany which incorporates the company's ripeSense ripeness indicators.

"German consumers are about to find out how fantastic a green-skin avocado can be with the help of the ripeSense ripeness indicator," said Cameron McInness, the company's general manager.

Unveiled this week in selected German retail stores, it is hoped that the two-piece flow-pack's use of ripeSense technology will help educate and build customer confidence in green-skin avocado.

Horst Palm, who represents Ripesense Ltd in Germany, said he had been surprised at the results of recent test sales. "I have been heavily involved in the trialling process for green skin avocado and I am still amazed at the consistency and flavour we can now deliver," he said.

The ripeSense indicator label changes colour from red, signalling ripeness in three or more days; to orange, meaning the product will be ripe in two or more days; to yellow, which means it is ripe.

The indicator changes colour by reacting to natural volatiles produced by avocados when they ripen, a process which has been demonstrated to be consistent and repeatable.

"The avocado indicator is the outcome of a four-year development programme at Plant & Food Research (formerly HortResearch) in New Zealand," said Mr McInness. "During this time, we worked closely with their scientists to develop and commercialise the robust indicator we have today."

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