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About the redesign, the global fresh produce portal, has been officially relaunched following a major redesign. Mike Knowles, editor of Eurofruit Magazine, explains the reasons behind the overhaul and previews some of the site's main features

About the redesign

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Today, our redesigned news and information website has been put online. Improvements will continue to be made over the next few months, but in the meantime we hope you'll find the website to be far more user-friendly and much more useful to you as a fresh produce industry professional.

Originally launched in the early dotcom days of the late nineties as an industry resource for the global fresh produce sector, has gone through a number of changes during the past decade. This time around, however, the site has been completely overhauled, bringing it into the 21st century and offering a number of new features designed to make your online experience more intuitive and more rewarding. Our aim is to provide quick and straightforward access to all the latest fresh produce news stories on a daily basis.

More news is good news

Fruitnet homepage screenshot For a start, there's a lot more news on the site. Nowadays, thousands of stories are available at any one time on the internet. New stories are published every single minute of every hour of every day, making the job of sifting through everything and delivering the best and most relevant stories an extremely difficult one.

With the proliferation of news services seen in the past 10 years, the volume of news stories on the web has increased dramatically. The arrival of major news search engines such as Google News has, to a certain extent, made finding relevant and reliable information easier, but the task of discerning which of the myriad stories available online are worth reading and which can be ignored remains a time-consuming one. For the time being at least, readers continue to look to news outlets to pre-select and refine the information on their behalf.

For those working in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, having quick and easy access to the newest and most interesting stories is paramount. With business often conducted at a frantic pace, many in the industry have precious little time to spend on searching through reams and reams of news stories in order to find what's of interest to them. does precisely that.

Crucially, boasts a team of journalists drawn from Eurofruit Magazine, Asiafruit Magazine and Americafruit Magazine, all of whom are now working to present you with the stories that matter to the fresh produce trade daily via the website, maintaining the same high standards of editorial quality that have made the magazines the industry's leading publications.

Whereas our old site only displayed a mere four stories at any one time, the arrival of better browsers and wider computer screens means we've been able to make the site wider than before and dedicate a greater amount of space to news stories at the top of the page. We've also provided clearly defined story categories and groupings by interest type in the left-hand menu as well as all the latest headlines further down the page to help you refine your search and find exactly what you're looking for.

Example of our editions buttons is now, in fact, three sites instead of one. It has three regional editions – Europe, Middle East & Africa; Asia; and the Americas – allowing visitors to find news stories and features that are appropriate to those particular areas.

Example of subscriber only logoIn terms of content, the new will be a repository not only for news articles but also for photos, audio and video. For the time being, all of the content on is freely available, but in the near future we'll also be adding a certain amount of subscriber-only content, which you will only be able to access if you are a registered subscriber to Eurofruit Magazine, Asiafruit Magazine or Americafruit Magazine. In addition, we'll soon be launching a daily news service exclusively for magazine subscribers.

Fruitnet 2.0

Example of Add This icon The newly redesigned allows visitors to interact more with the site and make better use of the information provided. Individual news stories can be downloaded as PDFs, sent to a friend via email, or saved using a wide range of the most popular online bookmarking services, such as Google Reader, Digg or Delicious. Registered users can also comment on stories and add tag words that can then enhance future searches across the site, making it an altogether more open and democratic news resource.

Example of RSS feed logo RSS news feeds feature prominently in the new website. The RSS feed is now one of the most popular means of publishing a constantly updated list of stories from a website, the advantage being that they can be aggregated alongside many other feeds and monitored using a dedicated reader. For more information about how to use RSS feeds, click here. offers a number of different news feeds, including our main site feeds for Europe, Asia and the Americas. You can also select a more specific news feed, either by category or by interest type. All of the available news feeds are listed here.

Example of Most Read boxOn the homepage, you can quickly identify which are the most popular stories currently on the website by checking the list of the 10 'Most Read' articles, found on the right-hand side of the site. In addition, you can see what the ten most e-mailed stories are.

Keep us posted

As ever, we welcome submissions from the trade itself, be they press releases, full articles or simply comments about a certain aspect of the fresh produce industry.

To submit a news story for publication on, please contact:

Carl Collen – News Journalist,
+44 20 7501 3716

A platform for growth

As part of's redesign, more attention has been placed on the site's potential role as a platform for promoting fresh produce companies and service providers to the trade through direct advertising. The site can accommodate a wider range of advertising types and offers more detailed statistical analysis of site traffic, page views and banner click-throughs. As a result, is fully equipped to help companies reach a wider audience within the fresh produce sector and grow their business.

To advertise on, please contact:

Linda Bloomfield – Advertising Manager,
+44 20 7501 3701

About the publishers is a member of the Fruitnet International Media Group. The site is owned and operated by Limited, a joint venture formed by Eurofruit Magazine and Fruchthandel Magazine, two of the world's leading fresh produce publications. Eurofruit Magazine is published by Market Intelligence Limited of London, UK. Fruchthandel Magazine is published by Dr Rolf M Wolf Verlag of Düsseldorf, Germany.

For more information, please contact:

Market Intelligence Limited
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London, United Kingdom SW8 5NQ
phone: +44 20 7501 3700
fax: +44 20 7498 6472

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