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Carl Collen


Tuesday 15th July 2008, 00:00 London

Migros launches consumer watch initiative

Swiss retailer Migros has revealed a new scheme to keep prices competitive by enlisting the help of watchful consumers

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Migros, the Switzerland based retail group, has announced a new, consumer-based scheme in a bid to maintain competitive prices across store.

The initiative involves Migros customers calling a hotline when they see a specific product (from a range of 302 involved in the scheme) with a lower price than in Migros stores.

The consumer will be rewarded with a CHF10 (€6) voucher, and Migros will in turn lower the product's price below that of the competitor's.

The range products involved in the scheme include apples, bread, eggs, flour and milk.

"Call our hotline when a similar product from another nationally active supermarket is found to be cheaper, and we adjust the price in all branches of Migros," the group's website explains.

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