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Carl Collen


Thursday 25th November 2010, 16:35 London

Banacol celebrates 30th anniversary

Special stickers are being affixed to bananas to mark the Colombian group's 30th year of exporting the fruit

Banacol celebrates 30th anniversary

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Colombian tropical produce and banana grower-exporter Banacol, which was introduced to the fresh produce market for the first time in November 1980, is marking its 30th year of exporting bananas.

The independent group, Colombia's leading banana producer and the country's biggest exporter of plantains, is celebrating the anniversary by placing special stickers on its bananas, according to The Packer.

Bill Sheridan, executive vice-president of sales and marketing at Miami-based Banacol Marketing Corp. in the US, said that the company still has much to offer fresh produce buyers.

"It's a fundamental of marketing to be able to provide something customers want and use," he told the publication. "We see more and more opportunity for companies wanting to go with a company that can provide some things a little different than the bigger companies and bring a little bit different than a cookie-cutter approach to everything."


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