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Murcia almond crop set for “major fall”

Asaja Murcia has given a gloomy prediction for this seasonís Murcian almond crop, in the wake of an ongoing water shortage in southern Spain

Murcia almond crop set for “major fall”

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Almond growers in the Spanish region of Murcia have said they are likely to experience a major fall in production this season, which a leading association says is the result of poor weather conditions.

According to Asaja Murcia, the region’s almond production is expected to drop by almost 7 per cent this year to an estimated 6,436 tonnes, compared with 6,900 tonnes in 2006.

Asaja Murcia secretary general, Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, said the “major fall” in production was due to the unfavourable climactic conditions experienced this season.

“The shortage of water is the principal reason for the poor expectations for this campaign,” he said. “Budding was lower than last year and the May rains arrived very late for the almond crop resulting in more diseases,” he added.

Asaja Murcia’s gloomy forecast confirms an earlier estimate from Spain’s National Council for Dry Fruit, which said the almond crop is neighbouring Andalusia is also likely to fall by 6.85 per cent to 6,800 tonnes from 7,300 tonnes in 2006.

The overall Spanish almond harvest is expected to drop by 1.59 per cent to 33,584 tonnes, down from 34,128 tonnes the year before.

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