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Friday 19th April 2013, 10:31 London

NFU calls for new EU supply chain legislation

Peter Kendall, president of the NFU, has called on the EU to focus on stamping out unfair supply chain practices

NFU calls for new EU supply chain legislation
Peter Kendall

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NFU president Peter Kendall has called on the European Union to create legislation to stamp out unfair practices within Europe's supply chain.

Speaking at a Copa Presidium, the umbrella organisation representing the interests of farmers in Europe, meeting yesterday, Kendall urged Michael Barnier, European commissioner for the internal market and services, to help Europe follow the UK's lead in regulating the behaviour of retailers towards their suppliers. 

The announcement of Christine Tacon, the former MD of The Co-Operative farms, as the long awaited groceries code adjudicator has been met warmly by the UK's fresh produce industry since its announcement earlier this year. Tacon will have the power to fine UK supermarkets who breach the Groceries Supply Code of Practice.

Kendall explained at the meeting: “We have made progress in the UK, but we need fair chains across Europe. We need some form of legislation helping to guarantee that business deals in the food system are conducted fairly.

“A fair and equitable supply chain in the food industry is good for farmers, for processors and retailers; and above all, for consumers. We urge Commissioner Barnier and his colleagues to remain strong on this issue, to take on board our EU-wide examples of unfair trading practices and to quickly develop proposals on an EU legislative approach to curb them."

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