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Celebs and public tour McDonald's supplier

Lettuce supplier Natures Way Foods opens its doors to underline the traceability of the McDonald's supply chain

Celebs and public tour McDonald's supplier

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Prepared produce supplier Natures Way Foods has hosted a behind-the-scenes visit for a group of McDonald’s VIP guests.

In May, McDonald’s started offering members of the public the chance to accompany celebrities on behind-the-scenes tours of McDonald’s suppliers, to trace the journey from field to counter of the chain’s burgers and fries in an initiative it called Quality Scouts. NWF supplies salads for McDonald’s Big Macs throughout the UK.

England rugby legend Phil Vickery accompanied the group of guests to NWF’s Runcton factory in West Sussex to see how Big Mac salads are grown, harvested and prepared. The group was given unprecedented access to local fields and salad preparation areas in the factory.

“We have a very close working relationship with McDonald’s and were delighted to be able to show off our salads,” said NWF chief operating officer, Richard Parr.

Warren Anderson, vice president, supply chain at McDonald’s UK, said: “Every day, people ask us questions about our food and our ingredients so we've invited members of the public to see for themselves what’s in some of our most popular products and to give them the opportunity to follow the journey from farm to restaurant.  We’re extremely proud of our longstanding British supply chain and the quality standards we have in place.”

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