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UK chain to stock infamous durian

Malaysian-based food producer Foods Wise gets listing for its vacuum-packed product in Loon Fung stores across UK

UK chain to stock infamous durian

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Malaysian-grown and produced Musang King durian fruit is now available to purchase in the UK for what is claimed to be the first time.

Malaysian-based food producer, Foods Wise, has received a listing for its vacuum-packed product in Loon Fung stores across the country.

They are available for £19.99 per box, and currently on offer at two for £30.

Durian, usually remembered for its distinctive smell, is a sweet-fleshed fruit with a custardy taste.

It can be used in various dishes, served alone or used as a flavouring. It’s also rich in Vitamins C and B1, fibre, potassium and zinc.

The Malaysian durian fruit variant called ‘Musang King’ is much sought-after by fruit lovers due to its exquisite taste and aroma.

The fruit is growing in popularity in the UK and can be found in everything from sweets to ice cream, as well as on restaurant menus.

New technology now means that Musang King durian can be exported in chilled form, as well as vacuum packed, giving a wider variety of options.

Cecilia Ang, executive director at Foods Wise, said: "We are really excited to receive this listing in Loon Fung stores in the UK. Our durian fruit is the very best quality that can be produced and we’re pleased to be able to show the UK that durian is a versatile and, most importantly, delicious fruit."

Khairul Nizam Moonier, trade commissioner for the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) said: "Malaysia produces a wide variety of quality foods, produced using the very best ingredients. The durian from Foods Wise is another one of these products which puts Malaysia on the culinary map."

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